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vernonDirectors Leadership Solutions is delivered to your inbox weekly and will become the resource you will wonder how you lived without!

Most directors feel overwhelmed, under supported, big with intentions
and short on time!

You will be inspired, informed and motivated to the next level. You are not in this alone, I will be there with you now on a weekly basis.

VERNON MASON founder of Directors Leadership Solutions
I launched Directors Leadership Solutions out of my desire to make a director’s path to success easier. It’s all about making your day less stressful by becoming the resource you need and can’t do without!
I am an early childhood administrator with 24+ years of hands-on experience in the industry and have a master’s degree in Early Childhood Administration. My career has led me to own four childcare centers and offer leadership in the form of consulting, training, speaking engagements and now author of Don’t Go! I intertwine humor and real-life experiences to provide powerful support for directors and early childhood administrators.

People leave my workshops and keynotes and say “I wish I could have you with me to keep me inspired and motivated.”

Now I will arrive in your inbox every week in the form of THE WEEKLY DOSE! It has been described as the best benefit to hit the early childhood field in years.

THE WEEKLY DOSE is short and to the point. Who doesn’t receive those emails that seem like good information but never get read because you just don’t have time to work your way through all the information to find the relevant points. Directors Leadership Solutions does the work for you by sending you bite size pieces of information to consume and put to immediate action.

Some of THE WEEKLY DOSE topics:

  •  Industry Tips and trends
  •  Vernon’s Funny stories
  • One minute vacation video
  • How to nurture Staff Excellence
  • Staff appreciation
  • Staff observations
  • Staff Retention Ideas
  • Staff meetings/trainings/agenda
  • Staff Development Days
  • Planning events your staff want to attend
  • Team Building Activities
  • Tuition Collection techniques
  • Summer Camp Planning
  • Fieldtrip Supervision
  • Classroom Management
  • Classroom staff training
  • Inexpensive classroom and center makeovers
  • Customer Service Training
  • Participatory Management
  • Hiring Techniques
  • New MENU items
  • Parent communication especially during turnover
  • Parent Resources on biting/injuries
  • Parent Retention Ideas


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  • Current Contests for what you do best
  • Ask Vernon Column
  • The REAL Perspective, interviews from the trenches to dig deep for the REAL information.
  • Ask an Expert
  • Access to our One on One private coaching with our RECOMMENDED EXPERTS
  • Coming January 2016 LUNCH & LEARN web conference calls

Being a director can be challenging, but there’s no need to face it alone!

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