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Some of the topics for THE WEEKLY DOSE:

  • Industry Tips and trends
  • Vernon’s Funny stories
  • One minute vacation video
  • Short TIP video from Vernon
  • Human Resources tips
  • How to nurture Staff Excellence
  • Staff Training Plans
  • Supervising 101
  • Supervising those troubled staff
  • Interview Techniques and Questions send a new interview question monthly
  • Curriculum new ideas, making your curriculum more academic/observations
  • Staff appreciation
  • Parent appreciation
  • Parent communication
  • Parent Resource for biting, injuries, why can’t my child move up, ????
  • Parent Retention Ideas
  • Team Building Activity
  • Staff meetings/trainings/agenda
  • Spirit Week ideas and parent involvement activities
  • Tuition Collection techniques and communications
  • Summer Camp Planning/Ideas with some house resources
  • Classroom staff training: beginning point/outline
  • Orientation
  • Customer Service Training
  • Participatory Management
  • Hiring Techniques
  • Job Duties/ Description

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What have you done for your staff lately?
Staff Appreciation Activities
Parent Appreciation
Parent Open House/Family Fun Nights
Staff Training
Team Building Activity
Staff Motivation
Professional Development Event
Christmas/Holiday Program
Halloween/Fall Program
Best Yard Sale Find
Best Sale on Equipment
Best Fundraiser….most profitable, easy