Directors Leadership Solutions is a membership program for early childhood administrators. One of the benefits of membership is the WEEKLY DOSE. This weekly contact makes an administrator’s day easier by providing inspiration, motivation, information, resources, tips and peer connections… Oh, and a funny story or two!

People leave my workshops and keynotes and say “I wish I could have you with me to keep me inspired and motivated.” Well now you can!


Being a director is HARD work. Vernon launched Directors Leadership Solutions out his desire to make a director’s path to success easier. It’s all about making your day less stressful by becoming the resource you need and can’t do without!

You are not in this alone(peer): Sometimes the quality(what you need) of local and regional director training is marginal at best. We are here to give you courage to do what you need to do to push yourself and your staff to the next level.

Stay on top of the latest information:

Keep you informed and up to date: We know you’re busy and don’t have the time to read all the newest books and research to stay on top of all the latest Early Childhood Information.

We know your time is valuable: We investigate and give you a synopsis in small bite size pieces so you can digest what is worth exploring.

Who can benefit: Directors and all Early Childhood Administrators


The website is also a hub for:

Vernon to share information he has learned over the last 25 years

You to become a contributor by sharing your knowledge with others