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The director’s guide to understanding why employees leave and how to make them feel appreciated. Directing a childcare program has its challenges; one of the biggest is staffing concerns.  The book has great practical examples of how directors can support their staff, reduce staff turnover, raise staff morale and build dedication for little or no cost.

Director's Pledge



  1. I will set clear expectations while regularly giving feedback and encouraging development by offering opportunities to learn and grow.
    a.    I will train employees until they feel Competent.
  2. I will assure my staff have the materials and equipment needed to do the job right.
  3. I will compliment more than I complain: I will regularly publicly praise staff for doing good work.  I will also openly know and appreciate staff strengths.
  4. I will ask for, genuinely listen to and learn from staff opinions.
  5. I will share an accurate and current mission/purpose of our company/center to assure my staff of the importance of their job.
  6. I will be dedicated to only employ staff who are committed to doing quality work to insure my staff only work with dedicated committed staff.
  7.  I will find reasons to celebrate, play and have fun together,
    a.    I will find some way to make your day
  8.  I will be the example
    a.    I will remain optimistic and expect the best remembering that I am judged a difficult times and my reputation will be built during the difficult times.   Remembering my staffs need to be hopeful
    b.    I will be trustworthy by letting my word be golden and never betray confidences.
    c.    I will pay attention, be present and will be nice to my staff showing empathy for the job they do.
  9. I will implement a reward system so that my staff experience a tangible method of appreciation.
  10. I will regularly interact with my staff and build a positive relationship I will encourage an environment of relationship building between at work.
  11. Before criticizing I will assume what Carol Gateway says “when someone does something wrong I will first assume it is a training or policy problem.”